In the dog house, but why?

So, an MP has used his chauffeur to drive his dogs around whilst they were waiting for him.

‘Victoria’s Corrections Minister has apologised after it was revealed he used his taxpayer-funded chauffeur-driven car to ferry his pet pooches 120 kilometres between his Melbourne home and his country house’

I’m sorry, but I don’t think this guy should apologise.

If work supplies us with something, it’s pretty damn common to use it where we can, personal use included.

I’ve printed personal renting agreements at work, streamed pandora from my work phone, and taken stationary home.

I’m certain that other people have used work cars for picking up kids from school.

I’m certain that other people have used designated city parks for weekend shopping.

The only difference here is that the money is from the tax payers.

I think it’s more absurd that we have to fund this guys chauffeur when I’m pretty sure he has a license and a car himself.

Do all MP’s get their own chauffeured cars?!

I think tax payers money can surely go to better causes. I’d actually rather have paid for the dogs to be chauffeured then the MP.

Dogs cant get their license. The MP can.

This guy has done nothing wrong. It’s the Government who is doing things wrong but allocating our funds for stupid causes.

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