The presidents parade…

I don’t get this.

Like, when someone important is on the road, as in the President, or Prime Minister, or the Queen, they always have like 10 cars in a row on the road with them.

And, as if this doesn’t make it obvious enough, it’s not like they are your typical holden commodores. They are 10 fancy limo type cars.

And, they have flags and lights and police escorts as well.

Hello…. they may as well get out a loudspeaker and yell out “Come and blow up the President. Here he is.”

Why do they need 10 cars anyway? And why must all of them follow one another? Is there only one person who actually knows where they are going?

Can’t they car pool?

I mean, no one likes to be in the middle, but it’s not like anyone would take a whole other vehicle because they don’t want to share the backseat.

Imagine what they could do with the money they saved if they cut about 16 drivers from their employee’s.

They could use the money to buy the President his own car. maxresdefault.jpg

Can’t the president drive?

Can’t he take the bus?

Because really, that would be much less obvious. If I was on a bus and I saw someone who looked exactly like Barack Obama, I would probably chuckle to myself and let it go.

I highly doubt that anyone who is planning to assassinate the president is waiting at the H65 but stop for the off chance that he hops on.

Even Uber would be a safer option.



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