Kim Kardashian gets robbed…

So they are calling it a classic case of “The girl who cried wolf”.

Oh yea. Because remember that time Kim Kardashian told everyone that she got tied up and locked in a bathroom whilst all her jewelry got stolen?

I sure don’t.

Why are people constantly bickering that this family love the limelight and the fame.

I mean, it’s no secret that they do, but freaking good on them!

Why not? It’s paying the bills (ok, the bills. And the mansions and the private jets and the personal cooks). And it’s also making people laugh and remain entertained.

Yes they are over the top, and dramatic and bitchy and over react and transexual and divorced and everything really. But they entertain us and, well to be honest, they are pretty good people.

Most people with that much money would be addicted to something, constantly sleeping around, doing nothing with their lives.

And also, they will admit they want the publicity. And this is brilliant.

How frustrating is it when you want to get a photo of someone and they cringe and make a HUGE deal about having their picture taken. Hello, its not a front page cosmo cover feature. It’s a photo. Just smile and move the eff on!

So let them be who they want to be.

Because we have all seen an episode of the Kardashians. And there is no way you could get through one without cracking a smile.

Oh, and they are HOT!

And they are not a size 000 or whatever they are labelling it these days.

So lets give this family some praise!

And maybe lets give Kim her jewlery back, if the culprits are reading this blog. Most people in Paris speak french and english as well right?



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