Are you kidding me?

So, I’ve now been a journalist for almost three months.

Suddenly all the feedback is rolling in.

People that have issues with the way I’m writing and what is going in the paper have been calling all week.

Hello?! I’m the journalist. Me. I spent 5 years at University. I graduated. Let me do my job.

Its my job to decide what is and what is not newsworthy. Just because one person is interested in the new water irrigation system thats hit town, does not mean that the rest of the town is (although a sad fact, I did actually print this story because it was they hype of the town. Front page if I’m being honest).

But, look. I don’t go shopping and criticize the manger for having a main display of Ritz when we all know Jatz taste better.

Because its HIS store. He can put whatever he wants wherever he damn wants it.

There are reasons behind everything and it’s up to the professionals to do the jobs they were hired to do.

I’m not going to call channel 10 and crack the shits that they have not done any re-runs of ‘The Wrong Girl’ which aired the day that SA hat the statewide blackout.

I mean, I strongly believe that they should. But hey, I’m not a producer, I don’t work at channel 10. I didn’t study film and TV.

So seriously people, back off. Get back to your lives that barely exist if you have nothing better to do then drop anonymous envelopes with high-lighted errors of the local paper.

Spend that time sightseeing.

I here there’s a new water irrigation system in town…..

And whats the big deal if it’s just a grammar or spelling error? At least YOU know how to spell it.

It’s not like we should be worried that any child old enough to read is going to start dropping full stops in text messages because one sentence in the paper was left without it.

And  even if they do. It’s not really going to matter when they are already writing sentences like this:

Pls IDK if u r aware but I’m LOLing ok brb.

Seriously. Just get over it.



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