Derryn Hinch..back on the wagon.

This just in. And all over the news this morning. 6213225837c52c5f73b9e9840fb6ccfe.jpg

So the guy had watered down wine.

Like, I know he’s an alcoholic.

But people… he is 72 years old. Let the guy have some wine.

He said “I’m never going to drink again”… Pretty sure we have all said that at some stage in our lives. On more then one occasion.

He had a liver transplant. If you think about it, his last one lasted for like, 70 years with his alcoholic ways, and he has now been given another one.

Even if its second hand… he’s still got about 20 years of solid drinking to get through that liver.

It’s not like someone else will take it when he dies.

Just let the man drink.

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