Facebook suggestion

Do you know those suggestions you get constantly on Facebook (or not so constantly actually, if you are like me and don’t have too many friends) but they remind you about events if you have not confirmed.

Like you get a notification (Side note: I think its pretty dumb that most people elect to have these ‘notifications’ appear instantly as an alert as they arise. Apparently  people like to know straight away that someone that met 3 days ago in the checkout line at the supermarket has just requested to be their friend. Or their neighbours piano teacher has just bet their top score in candy crush)

Ok… I was saying, You get a notification and it will say “It’s Ange’s farewell this Saturday. Let her know if you can attend”

I kind of think that we are are pretty advanced with technology now. So my suggestion  is that FB remembers that when I had my farewell drinks and invited Ange, she not only didn’t come, but didn’t bother to let me know.

So the notification could be “It’s Ange’s farewell drinks this Saturday. Let her know if you can attend. Although, she was not present at your’s and ignored your invite completely.”

I mean, it could even go into more detail. “She has invited 667 people, which are all her FB friends, so theres a good chance you were only asked by default.

“There are no photos of the two of you together and you have never posted on her wall.

“You once liked her photo of a fish

And instead of friend suggestions, FB could then make event suggestions

“We suggest you give this one a miss.

“In fact, we suggest you un friend Ange and hook up with one of her exes.

And then the friend suggestion could be the exes…..

Just a thought.

Could even mention “We also noticed that you have attended 3 out of 37 events this past year so we are pretty certain you are not going.”

Maybe one day it will automatically decline as well. Like based on all these things.

I dunno. I think too much.


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