Sunday….No funday.

So, I had my first weekend day to myself today in little old Bordertown. No work to be done and no visitors.

Literally had no idea what to do. There are no markets here, no live acoustics, no one to drink with, no beaches… no friends.

So I thought I’d pop out with Oats on the lead for the first time and grab a coffee in the main street, and wash Oats at the dog wash too. Because he does not smell nice.

This turned out to be an epic fail. Firstly, the dog wash was $10. Are you kidding me?  Thats more expensive then a car wash. Hello, he’s the size of my foot, not a car. Was it manuka honey shampoo or something?

I would have been better off going through the car wash with him. But I didn’t need a wash myself. And i don’t know what the high pressure rinse would have done to my hair. We both would have come out looking like chow chows.

So this was annoying. Because I had also, in my optimism already changed over a $5 note for coins. And instead of money, I got tokens. So I was now down $5, had more shit to carry, and still had a smelly dog.

But I took the higher road and walked straight on to the cafe. Coffee sometimes fixes everything. When the coffee store is open.


So there are two cafes, so I had to walk back in an opposite direction but I went to the second one.

It was also shut.

And thats it by the way. There are two cafe’s. And they were both shut. It was like 10am on a Sunday… what the eff.

So i noticed the bakery was open, figured that would do for a coffee and a cornflake cookie is always a nice treat.

But what was out the front of the bakery do you suppose? A trailer loaded with like seven giant Irish wolfhounds that probably were actually bigger then cars.

There was no way I could leave Oats outside with that.

And then it started raining.

This was the first day since my move that I cracked open a bottle of wine before midday.


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