Im a dog owner again!

I’ve found myself a pup. He is adorable!

But man, pups are hard work.

Take your eyes off them for over a minute and you have to go out and buy another household appliance, or bake another cake.

Next time I will stick with re-homing dogs from the shelter. I would have done that originally but my land lord has a stick up his ass. He wanted me to get one of those maltese poodle shitzu things.

Ok, firstly, they are not dogs. I’m pretty sure theres a species that we haven’t named yet and they are it.

And secondly, they are actually like $1000. Im not even joking. I was not prepared to spend that much money on a rug. I would actually rather buy an actual rug. That would be bigger, more colourful and I’d probably trip over it less.

I don’t understand people who would fork out this much money for one of those little things tho.

Seriously. Get a toy.

You could re-home 2 from the shelter for that much as well. And get a whole lot more fun out of them.

If your going to get one of those little things, why even get a dog at all.

Save the $1000. Go to Bali. Bring one back. So many alternatives…

But I should finish my mentioning my dog is a border collie x kelpie. His name is Oats because we live behind a giant oatmeal factory. I can smell porridge all the time. Its actually pretty awesome.

Although ironically he does not eat Oats. Just ugg boots at this stage.

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