Fast Post #9

It says ‘cruise control’… but we all know this is code for snap chat opportunity. One of these days I’m going to get arrested. If its not for ghosting. I kind of feel that the snap chat face changers should be on par with the radio stations. Like, don’t be posting a Sia face and…

Sunday….No funday.

So, I had my first weekend day to myself today in little old Bordertown. No work to be done and no visitors. Literally had no idea what to do. There are no markets here, no live acoustics, no one to drink with, no beaches… no friends. So I thought I’d pop out with Oats on…

Im a dog owner again!

I’ve found myself a pup. He is adorable! But man, pups are hard work. Take your eyes off themĀ for over a minute and you have to go out and buy another household appliance, or bake another cake. Next time I will stick with re-homing dogs from the shelter. I would have done that originally but…

Just eat and judge

Masterchef is really really bad sometimes! Like tonight… They serve up their dishes to the judges. And the judge asks Is this the dish that is going to keep you in the competition? Hello… your the judge. He is the aspiring chef. You have one job. How the hell should he know. It’s reality TV….

Fast Post #8

Has anyone seen those intense ads for those powerful vibrating machines (G rated) that are supposed to help you lose weight and tone up and all that jazz. They say “You won’t even feel like your working out. It’s so easy”. If its an easy work out…. it’s not a work out. Its a ride….