This day…. No thanks.

So I spent all day today in an office with five people who barely said anything to anyone. 

I know they don’t know me very well, because I’m new, but they do know each other. 

A lady rang in enquiring about someone who had been in our death notices recently. She wanted to know where he grew up. 

She was obviously just trying to work out if it was the John Smith she thought it was. (Just to clarify, it was not actually that name, but it was something super common). I passed on the call to our classifieds manager and she helped her by mentioning where he grew up and his DOB and then handed the phone back to me. 

She then mentioned out loud “That was strange. I don’t know why she wanted to know who he was?”

I responded “She said something about not being able to tell him that he had fathered three of her children I think. So I guess thats a bit rough”

She just looked up at me astonished. “What?!”

Hahaha made me laugh. This is the environment I was used to!

But I have to come to terms with moving from one industry to another.

Welcome to print journalism… where it’s all work and no play in the newsroom.

Enter Danni.

It’s early days. There will be fun and laughter to come if I have anything to do with it. Once I’ve worked out how to actually do my job. Better sort that first.

My last minute shot at an attempt to resemble a serious journo for an article introducing me to my new country town. If you look closely you may notice that the papers I’m ‘writing’ on are my besties travel  documents. And her washing is in the background as well. Im a journalist, not a photographer. 

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