A little bit racist….

When your Sri Lankan neighbour bangs on your door 3 times a day, and you finally lose your shit and open the door, ready to yell something not nice and he is standing there holding 3 plates of home cooked food for you and a ‘friend’.

And he know’s there is no ‘friend’ so you have to invite him in. And then he makes a point of saying there is food for two because he thought I had ‘friend’ and that he does not know what he is doing for dinner that night.

So he is in your house, there is dinner there that he has cooked and its for two people and there are two of you. Oh and its 7pm.  And then he makes a point of giving you his WIFI password as well because his house is literally behind me.

And you realise that you don’t have a washing machine and he probably does.

And he is the closest thing you will get to Indian Take Away in this tiny town.

“Yes, please stay and lets eat dinner together”.

Im only human.

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