Proud Aunty Dee

So I don’t have my own children. But I do have two nephews and two nieces and one more something on the way. (When I say ‘something’, I am referring to the sex of the next one. Not the species. My sister definitely only has sex with human males)

And I love them to bits. They are adorable. They are cheeky. They are fun. They are energetic. And they love me. I don’t have kids of my own to spoil or to watch Zootopia with, or to demolish buckets of ice cream with or to have pillow fights with.



I love the hell out of these kids. My nieces are up in Queensland, so we are not as close. But I see my nephews most days of the week and there will be plenty of Aunty Dee posts to come in this blog. Skip these ones if you are not into kids. Because I totally get that as well.



I love my nephews and nieces, but that’s because they are MY nephews and nieces.


So skip ahead to the more amusing parts of my life, like my mission to find a husband, or my efforts to control my bladder.

And Goodnight 🙂

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