Home and Away and don’t come back.

I’m sorry. But I just don’t get Home and Away. It seems to me that there are more orphaned teenagers (who also resemble super models) in Summer Bay then in all of the world.

And how stupid is Irene to keep taking them in?

There’s always a fire, or a shooting, or a robbery or an unplanned pregnancy that happens throughout the season. These kids are really messed up. No wonder they don’t have parents. Either that, or Irene is a terrible foster mother.

I don’t think the welfare system in Summer Bay is great if they keep allowing her to parent these corrupt super models.

But hey, what do I know. After all, the ratings say it all. And to be honest, if I happened to resemble a super model as well and was offered a role in Summer Bay, I would not turn it down. Partly because there is always the possibility that I could be a love interest to Johnny Ruffo, and partly because it is always summer.

And I do like the beach.

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