Im Stuck

Im stuck in Brisbane airport. With a massive baby carrier filled with maternity bra’s, baby toys (that keep going off. #adultwigglescreep) and glittered photo frames.

I am actually starting to wonder if my sisters keep pushing me to attend my nieces birthdays so that i can just save them money on posting things to each other.

Its times like this when you start thinking about that episode of the Offspring where Nina managed to get laid in the terminal while waiting for a flight. Unfortunately for me there are no potential candidates. I was tossing up between a swedish backpacker and an older rugby fanatic. But the backpacker looks to poor (and possibly too young) to buy me a drink and the rugby player is to intoxicated to be served. And I would need a drink to initiate a ‘lets go have sex’ conversation. I can’t just casually slide it into a conversation at gate 38.

I like your backpack. Whats your front pack like? Can’t say that in front of all the families. I do have some boundaries. Just some.

So there will be no sex.

I am actually so grateful right now that my brother in law gave me the wifi password to the virgin lounge. I hope its not suspect at all that I’m literally sitting on the floor right by the doors on my MacBook however.

I also hope that no one in there is following my blog.

Actually, I hope they are. Our flight has been delayed four hours now. We deserve free wifi. I should give everyone the password. Maybe swap it over for a cider. Its times like this where only a drink can improve a situation. Actually lets be honest. A drink improves every situation.

Time to board!


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