Fast Post #2

It actually costs $6.90 for a bag of maltesers at the movies. That half a ticket on tightass tuesdays.

For $6.90, I could buy a book on sale that might be more entertaining then the movie (you know this is true). I could buy a pint of James Squire Orchid Crush, or a happy meal and get more nutrients out of both of these as well.  I could buy a phone cover and save myself $180 for a replacement screen for when I’ve dropped it without a cover.

For christsake, if I took $6.90 to K-Mart, I would walk out with a pair of shoes, a bra and enough left over to put in that money box guide dog.

Seriously Event Cinemas. Sort your shit out.

What are they doing with all the money from these mark ups?? Its not like they have any labour costs. All tickets are purchased online, and the candy bar is self service now. So that people can fill the popcorn right too the top without realising half the box is part of the lid. So they have to demolish half of it before they get to the checkout, just to shut the box.

But I think, forget the Bermuda triangle and MH370. Lets solve this mystery first. Because the others are in the past. This cinema robbery is still occurring and affecting us all.

Maybe if they drop their prices, we would be much more likely to go to the movies, rather then stay in and download something that can be enjoyed with some microwave popcorn and a realistic amount of coke that will not have me visiting the bathroom every five minutes and no cheesy ads for turning our phones on silent.

Ok, I must admit…I do like the ads for the phones. You know you do too. They are freaking genius.

But a $6.90 bag of maltesers does not make me enjoy it anymore.

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