Just give us plates.

Just give us plates. Are you kidding me. That’s what I was watching on the news this morning. There was actually a story based on consumer demand for plates for their food when eating out as opposed to boards and all the other fancy stuff that is happening.

If this is what we are complaining about, how many people out there with nothing better to do must there be. This has got to top it for first world problems.

“I wanted to eat my lobster quinoa kale deconstructed risotto of a ceramic plate. Not a chopping board. Not a tile. Not a mirror. Just a plate.”

Is the wood adding a timber flavour to your kale?

“I don’t eat of chopping boards. I don’t even chop off them. Thats what Butler Jo does. Let us go to the press!”

Who even has the luxury of focusing on things like this. Im too busy worrying about whether they charge me extra if I ask to replace the sundried tomato with my fresh tomato, rather then what its served on.

This might be the start of something. Look out on trip advisor for rating allocations for food, service, value, atmosphere, plating.

Although, to be honest. The fancy plating may be behind the extremely high costs of eating out these days. And that is newsworthy. But all the people who have the time to complain about it in the first place, are probably quite financially well off with nothing better to do.

Maybe there should be on the menu different price points for paper plates, ceramic plates, boards or diamond crusted china ware.

Ok, at the end of the day, none of this matters. I could come up with a lot more issues that businesses need to address before the plates they are serving.

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