And the Business is..

My business. Dog Day Care. Because I can tell you right now i’d much rather be dishing out great customer service to dogs as opposed to people. Dogs appreciate it. Dogs acknowledge people and they get over everything so damn quick. If its too cold, they will still eat it. If its dirty, they will still use it and if you swear at them, they will just lick you to death.

And also, I love dogs. So much.

But heres the thing. I only like the big ones. Like, its not like I hate small dogs. Its more small dog owners that annoy me. Its like the smaller the dog, the more precious it is. And the more attention they deserve, and the more human they are apparently. They eat at the table, get their nails done and go on holidays all the time.

But bigger dogs are way more fun, show way more affection and are just so full of life. So now I’m torn. Because I would love for my day care to only be for big dogs. I could have a weight minimum of say, 20kg. If i do this, I know that I would bring over a lot of big dogs that are currently at other day cares where they have to tip toe around the little poodle, shitzu, maltesers who are yapping at nothing. And the owners who accuse the owners of the great dane of stepping on their Jack Russels face, when in fact it was provoked to begin with.


I know because my innocent baby, Doofa got it all the time. He may have stepped on a few Jack Russels in his time, or jumped a few random people. But at the end of the day, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ok actually thats a lie. He used to chase flies around the house and eat them. Saved me quiet a bit on Morton.

But if I do this, there is a LOT of business that I am missing out on as well. Because lets be real. Its the little dog owners that have all the money.

So, I will have to think about where I want to go with this. But it will happen. And mine will be a lot cheaper then others. Maybe ill charge by the weight. The less they weigh, the higher the price. I can blame it on the tax system or something.

And the name…. Tails Wag Inn. Get it? Tails Wagging…. Im on to something here!

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