I swear that every time I shower at work, there is a lesbian there getting ready at the same time. The same one. I go to start getting changed and it’s always around the time that she is finishing up. So you would look at her, and she’s already showered. Hairs done, shoes on ready to go. But somehow she just spends an extra half hour loitering around while I am undressing, showering and re-dressing. I mean, lesbehonest. She could have left the minute I walked in.

Because the minute I’m fully clothed again, she is done and she walks out. I did think for a while that it was just a coincidence. We have a lot of attractive members here, and I am not one of them. I mean, im not bad, but there are a lot of younger good looking women at my club. I really doubted that I would be worth sticking around for when there is such a great selection of bodies to perve on. Bodies that don’t dry themselves on Little Mermaid towels, or have hairstyles resembling a lions mane. Bodies that are much more shaven then mine (and im not just talking legs), and whose feet aren’t the size of Shreks.

Like, she could perve on someone like this, below.



But it seriously keeps happening, im wondering if it is no coincidence, and this lesbian just really likes my body. Or if im just the best option for that time of day to get a look at (more likely. I train early in the day. As do a lot of older people. And lesbians apparently.)

But at the end of the day, it’s ok.

If 10 minutes of getting a sneak peek at my naked self every day is what gives a stranger something to look forward to, then I’ll cop it.

After all, no one else is seeing it. Except my neighbours who cannot be happy that I never close my blinds and walk through the house naked everyday. (I can’t be certain the teenage sons are disappointed about it). But I figure, if they don’t’ like it then they don’t have to look. And if they do…..well tell your friends.

Im still single.

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