Ok. Take the Tissues.

So I’ve just learned that the person who took the sticky taped box of tissues off my desk was a Class Instructor. And the reason was that she took them (wait. Ripped. She ripped them off my desk) was because a participant in her class had a stroke.

And I found this out, after distributing a threatening email to all staff regarding the disappearance of my tissues and the repercussions should it happen again.

The email:

Hey Team,

Someone has taken a box of tissues from my desk. This is theft. It happened so many times that I had to tape the box to my desk. And now it’s happened again. I don’t know of any situation that justifies using so much force as to rip the entire box that has several layers of tape across it, right off my desk. I know I usually joke about things but this has made me really sad. And additionally, in my sadness, I have no tissues for my tears.

Just please stop it. It’s bullying.

Thanks Guys

So yes. I do feel guilty. So guilty that I’m in tears. Lucky I have some chux on stand-by.

But it goes to show, that tissues should always be available in the same spot so we know where to go when we need one. How were we to know that a member was going to have a stroke (although to be fair, we did let a 73 year old into an intense cycle class. So ok, slightly predictable).

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