Don’t take my tissues.

Ok so, I have this issue with people not putting things back where they get them from. Especially if it’s not yours and you are borrowing it from someone else. Seriously. Take what you need, then put it back. I’ve had to label everything that’s on my desk at work. Not that it’s a big issue if it goes missing. I do the ordering. And as you know, I hate looking for things, so if it’s not there when I need it, I’ll just order another one. When you’re under valued in your work place, it’s easy to not care about expenditures. There’s a big tip for any business owners. Look after your employees. They may not be able to control their hours, or salary, but there are a lot of things that they do control that are more important than you think.

If I cared enough about the company I worked for to get up and search for the things that keep disappearing from my desk, then I probably would have saved them a pair of scissors and a stapler per month. Over 5 years. Calculate that.

Anyway, my biggest thing right now is that my tissue box keeps getting taken from my desk. Firstly, if you need a tissue, take ONE. Not the whole damn box. But seriously, if you take it, put it back. It keeps happening, so I decided to tape the box top my desk. I thought this was a really clever tactic. I am aware that sticky tape won’t necessarily prevent someone from physically removing the box. But, my thinking was that it was a clear sign that the box stays where it is. Surely that should work yes?

For nine days it worked. Nine days, and the box suddenly disappears again. That is just so mean. I was so upset. I made everyone aware of how angry I was and they all quizzed me as to why.

Why? Because the thing is, you need to know where tissues are.

When you want a tissue, you need it then and there. No one wonders around and thinks to themselves ‘I feel like my nose may start to run soon. Maybe I’ll start looking around for a tissue now’.

When you need a tissue, you need a tissue. Not a hanky, not a towel, not a chux. A tissue. You can’t detect a leak in your coffee cup. You can’t know when you nose is going to run. And no matter how pre-menstrual you may be, you cannot predict an emotional breakdown.  I can see where it looked like that last sentence was going towards the paper-tissues-2-ply-standard-box-case-of-24suggestion that you use tissues to assist with your cycle. Or a chux. Just to clarify, that is not what I meant. Although, to be fair, if another colleague has taken tampons from my desk it may come to that.

Just don’t take my tissues.

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