Fact: Ghosting is a crime.

I did mention in a previous post that I applied for the police force. This is true. It was a few years back and it was a long process. So many forms to be completed. I had to do so much research about my own life. But I got there, 22 pages and 19 days later, I submitted my application.

I really thought I had a good shot. My Personal Training history showed I was fit. I had no criminal history (as should most people to be honest. So I don’t know that I can actually use this as a positive). I was 28 years old, so obviously had life experience as well. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that I had actually lost my license four times.

Ok, in my defence, they were all mild offences. Those ones that people brag about getting let off for. But seriously, don’t you always hear stories from others, about that time they got pulled over without a seatbelt. But the cop was like, at the end of his shift, and in a good mood, and said he was only going to give a warning. That never happened to me. And the amount of times I got pulled over, you would think that at least once, I would get a warning. But this didn’t happen. And I also do speed a lot. But its ‘safe speeding’. Like its only ever 20km/ph over the limit, when desperate housewives has started (remember when downloading was not a thing) and to overtake someone who does not understand the concept of ‘keep left unless overtaking’ (all of Adelaide. Seriously). I did ring in before my application and advised them of this. They told me that it would not be an issue, as long as there is no DUI.


Which there has not been.

I’m always too busy dancing when I’m drunk to worry about anything else.

So, I got a call regarding my application and was asked to come in for an interview. I was so excited. I went in with a great attitude. I was working in hospitality at the time, and hating life. It was going so well, and then this happened.

Police Officer “Can you explain to me what ghosting is?”

And before I continue… see below



So, I have gotten into the habit of doing this myself. For fun. Seriously, try it because it is really fun, and challenging.

And basically, I was doing this when I was out one night. I had some cops pass by on horses, while I was mid ghost. They pulled me and my ghostee up and asked the girl if she knew me, to which she responded no. They then questioned me, and asked for my drivers license. I didn’t think much of it.

But turns out, its a strike against my name! I had to explain to the officer what ghosting was and why I was doing it. My only response was “to make people laugh”. And for this reason, they suggested I was not ready to be a police officer.

I’ve lost my license four times. Speeding kills! Ghosting is harmless. But apparently a serious offence.

So, I have refrained from ghosting, and drink driving. I still speed. Because seems that wont affect me, should I decide to apply for the force again in the near future.

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