They have it all. But do they?

When I say rich people, I don’t meant those who work hard. I mean those who have grown up, always being well off and never having come across any scenario where money was an issue. Kids who have grown up getting everything they want, those who marry into rich families and have never worked a day in their life.

I guess this is mainly because my mum struggled a lot when we grew up. She was basically looking after four girls all by herself. Try doing that, and studying full time to get a masters in Psychology. Yea… exactly. No thanks! Most single parents at least have other relatives to rely on as well. But not mum. Life was difficult and thats why she is my inspiration.

She did an amazing job. And I had a great childhood. But we got used to not being spoiled. If we went out to the shops, we knew we were not getting any ice cream. If we wanted a branded top, we knew we were getting the k-mart equivalent (side note. K-mart is one of my favourite places in the world. Im sure ill blog about this later). I grew up with hand me downs and cream cheese sandwiches. So yes, I hated all the kids who had everything. Who got to have lunch orders and got to the canteen everyday. Who had the latest nikes and a ripcurl pencil case. Who had a mother and a father at home. Who’s parents had 4wd’s and dogs. Who went to the movies all the time, and out to dinner. And on holidays and family trips.

Let me just clarify here. I was a happy child. But our idea of getting super spoiled was being taken to the beach and having chips and nutella sandwiches (don’t knock it until you try it). I wasn’t sad at the time, but it makes me sad now when i remember how excited i used to get when my cousins were visiting (who are obviously well off) and we would go to the mall and I would get ice cream. It made the decision of what flavour to go for very difficult! But it sure made my day.

So, I hate them (not my cousins). Rich people who have not earned their status.


I guess in a way I am envious of them, but I feel sorry for them as well. They have it so easy and are missing out on so many experiences by having everything come to them so easily as well.

Their creativity would be terrible. Because they never have to think or make any decisions. When money is not an issue who cares?

Like, what do they talk about over their almond milk extra shot macchiatos?

They don’t think about how much bigger and more serious other issues can actually be.

And I really do think that there are a lot of things they purchase that are not really necessary.

I mean, I LOVE dogs, but I don’t know that tiny maltese poodles deserve to be groomed for a whole day. What on earth could that dog have possibly done to justify a day of luxury? Did it lick it’s genitals so much that its tongue got tired? Did it take so long patting down the bean bag with their paws that their legs hurt?

And first class. Don’t even get me started! Yes its amazing. But the difference in fares is so ridiculous. Do they know that if they can tolerate a little less personal space and sitting up for five hours, they could then also fund a new school in a third world country as well? Whats scary, is that I’m pretty sure they do. But they don’t think like that. They think about comfort, appearance, reputation and their luggage coming out first on the belt.

Not that they would even collect their luggage. Surely if you can afford first class, you are also catching a limousine from the airport, in which case the driver is greeting you at the gate and collecting your luggage. It really shouldn’t come out first. The driver probably isn’t even paying for parking. Whats the rush? And the rich passengers can’t be in a hurry to get anywhere because unlike the rest of the passengers, they would have  purchased the flight that was at the most convenient time for them. Not the cheapest. Meanwhile the coach passengers who have to be at a wedding in two hours and got the cheapest fare have to wait for their luggage, and hail a cab.


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