But seriously, heres what I do.

17I am a Customer Service Manager at a large health club. Thats it. Thats all your get. Because I do not want to get sued or hit up by today tonight if I happen to mention the oh so dodgy things that occur. But also because we have over 3000 members, and Adelaide is small. So there is a chance that one of you is a member and will know exactly who I am should i continue on to tell you just how good I am at Customer Service.

I do feel bad about it. Its no ones fault that I don’t enjoy my job. I like the people I work with, and that gets me through. But I don’t care that a clock needs new batteries, or a sink in the change room is blocked, or a class has started five minutes late. I probably would care if i was happily married, financially stable and passionate about providing good service. But the problem is, that I’m none of these things.

When someone tells me the paper towels need to be re-stocked, my response in my head is ‘once I’ve found my husband, I’ll be sure to re-fill the paper towels for you’.

And it does not help that I’m dealing with people who constantly want to put their memberships on hold because they are either having babies or going on holidays, or too busy having a career.

I hate that so many people are in these situations, and I am not. I’ve gotten into the bad habit of comparing myself to others. If women tell me they are pregnant, I always check their age and it makes me so sad when they are younger then me, and married and living it up in a luxury house as well (I might add here, that I work in a classy suburb as well).

This does not make me sound like a good person does it. But in all honesty, I really am. I feel like I’ve just had enough. Enough of life dishing out all the good stuff to some people and all the not so good stuff (I won’t say bad, because there are people in some terrible situations out there in the world) to others. Like, hello…mix it up a bit. Give someone who’s had a bad run of events something to smile about. Like just a cash cow win or something would suffice. And give someone who seems to have it all something not so great, like maybe diabetes or something.

I really do want to make people smile. I should mention that I don’t particularly hate customer service, but the company I work for as well does not encourage me to go above and beyond at all. When there is no rewards or recognition, and consistent monitoring and tracking of budgets and stats, it drives you a bit mad. To be honest, its more of an incentive to not work so hard and use my time to play pranks on other employees (like encouraging my reception team NEVER to smash down cardboard boxes that I could potentially jump out of in order to scare members). That’s not all I do. I also apply for other jobs and spend a lot of time researching for my new business idea.

To finish off, another reason I think i don’t like my role, is that I just don’t like people who are well off. Rich people annoy me. For many many reasons.

Ill explain this next time!

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